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Classic Furniture are 100% hand made furntiure in Poland with highets quality chesterfield leathers and eye for details. 
We are Operating in Poland but selling Our quality furniture at German, Netherland, France, Denmark, Belgium and Great Britain 

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Pamukkale Cheasterfield sofa with Svarowski Crystal and natural leather

3 500.00 Euro incl. TAX3 500.00 Euro excl. TAX
Natural leather, white in color with additions of Svarowski's stones, perfectly blends into the elegant style of the flat and allows you to relax with you and your tired foot The Svarian stones that ennoble the Pamukkale leather sofas emphasize their…
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Chesterfield Glamour Düsseldorf Sofa

2 355.60 Euro incl. TAX2 355.60 Euro excl. TAX
Chesterfield Glamour Düsseldorf Sofa this is a perfect and high quality Italian leather sofa, hand made perfection and details with last touch finish. Picked back with matched arms and falling down gently arms and quality leather, helping You enjoy your…
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Isle of Skye Chesterfiel Sofa

Isle of Skye Chesterfiel Sofa

4 000.00 Euro incl. TAX4 000.00 Euro excl. TAX
Isle of Skye Chesterfield sofa this is a part of heaven at Your home perfect solution who Love quality and elegance at home.  Isle of Skye this is a 100% hand made Furniture from quality material and eye for details with proud.  Our Chesterfield Isle…
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